Product Specification

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Item no.SH-9902
Product name 2B wooden trolley with hood
Standard equipments Main material:【steel、wood】 Powder coated grill body、powder coated hood、 powder coated steel trolley or wooden trolley
Grill:30,000 BTU,9 KW
Cooking area:495 x 485 mm
Standard:stainless steel burner、cast iron cooking grid and plate、 warming rack、flame tamer
Optional:flat lid、cast iron burner、brass burner、 stainless steel cooking grid、enamelled cooking grid or plate、 side burner、lava rock tray、lava rock、front panel、cover
Packing 1set/ 2ctn or 1set/ 3ctn (depends)
Grill body:L60 x W54 x H24.2 cm,G.W.:24.1 Kgs.
Steel trolley:L77.9 x W47 x H12.1cm,G.W.:13.2Kgs.
Wooden trolley:L51.5 x W13.6 x H83.9cm,G.W.:13.0 Kgs.
Hood:L51.5 x W23.6 x H53cm,G.W.:9.3 Kgs.
Load Wooden trolley(hood):20':130 sets,40':270 sets,40'HQ:310 sets
Steel trolley(hood):20':141 sets,40':290 sets,40'HQ:340sets
W : wooden trolley S : side burner
H : hood T : steel trolley